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24 MIN | Posted on: June 30, 2017

Rimjob and Creampie

Ladyboy Angie

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Pigtailed Angie gives an extended rimming session before her post-op pie is filled with a hot creampie! Angie shows off by pulling up her black and white tartan girlfriend dress. Her fingers slip into the band of her black panties and play with her soft SRS opening. Angie takes off her panties for an extreme pussy close-up and a bareback cock goes inside. Angie's wet pussy takes in the rod, then after a few pumps is present to Angie's lips.

Angie tastes her pussy off the cock then starts rimming. Her tongue laps across the POV's asshole with wife strokes then slides inside. Angie greedily licks ass then climbs on top for a cowgirl ride. Her big tits bounce as her pussy swallows the entire cock.

Views from the front and back as Angie rides. Angie is then fucked again missionary then side saddle position. This is when the POV guy cums, pumping a big load over Angie's post op cunt lips. While the cock is still cumming it drives back inside Angie's messy, sperm-filled Ladyboy pussy. It's a glorious mess of sex and hot cum.

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