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21 MIN | Posted on: December 4, 2015

Yellow Babydoll and Three Cumshots

Ladyboy Nat

Tags: Bareback, Close-ups, Creampie, Cumshots, Hardcore, Lingerie, Pantie Aside, Panties, POV, Stockings

Nat is a breeding machine today, making the POV guy cum THREE TIMES on and inside her willing TS pussy! She's laying on the bed in a yellow babydoll and panties aside. Nat's pussy is wet and ready. A bareback cock rubs against her bare cunt and slides easily inside.

Nat moans as she's taken doggystyle. It doesn't take long and the POV cock to cum for the first time. The first spurt lands on Nat's buns and rest spills back inside her horny pie. Her soft hole pulsates on the cock and massages out the remainder cum.

The amazing feeling makes the cock hard again and Nat wants to be fucked missionary style next. She wants to make sure this load shoots deep inside. Nat keeps her fishnet stocking legs high, providing the perfect angle for sex. Nat's dark pink nipples are exposed and erect clit glistens as the POV cums inside. Her hole is fully bred with sperm, sliding deeply down her luscious tunnel built for sex.

Nat has a wicked look in her sweet eyes and starts squeezing her pussy down on the cock. She won't take no for an answer and wants to see if she can make the guy cum one last time. Nat's pussy is the stuff dreams are made of and amazingly makes the guy hard a AGAIN. He plows into Nat with reckless abandon and spurts the THIRD LOAD all over Nat's eager pussy lips and pushes the rest of the cum inside. Nat giggles, her pussy satisfied with load after load of hot sperm. Nat's a beautiful and insatiable Ladyboy fuckdoll.

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